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Campus Guide

Campus and Parking: 

This map shows the campus layout with building names so you can navigate your way through our large campus. It also has the color coded parking permits as to which lots allow for specific permit color.


Walking Times Between Buildings:

Want to know the average time it takes to make it from one building to the next when making your next schedule? This site lists the time needed to do so. However, keep in mind times may vary for any number of reasons (construction, congested areas, etc.). A neat tool though to help plan for future semesters.


Bobcat Tram Routes and Schedule: 

Do you commute from Austin, San Antonio, or within San Marcos? This site lists the scheduled arrivals and leaving times as well as fares. Times are subject to change without notice. Amtrak and Greyhound links are available.


LBJ Student Center Floor by Floor:  

The 1st floor of the LBJ Student Center, also known as the Basement, houses eating the establishments of Chick-fil-a, Starbucks, Blimpie and Lyndon’s U Club. Want to play pool or table tennis? George’s can accommodate you, for a small fee. Click’s Cybercafe is equipped with Dell computers and HP scanners. Boko’s Living Room provides blankets, alarm clocks and pillows when you need a quick power nap.


The 2nd floor houses the Liar Food Court consisting of: Casa Ortega, Coyote Jack's, Freshens Smoothies, Pizza Hut, Socrates Express, and Wild Greens. Paws Market Convenience Store offers refreshments when all you have is a credit card. The information desk offers postage stamps, fax services, and Bobcat Tram passes to Austin and San Antonio. The University Bookstore houses all your spirit apparel, books and supplies. ID services, Parking Garage Services and Wells Fargo bank and ATM can also be found on this floor.


The 3rd floor houses the behind the scenes office of many Texas State services, Auxiliary Services. They provide oversight for the Bobcat Tram, ID services, University Bookstore, vending to only name a few. Many meeting and conference rooms are located on this floor, including the Ballroom. Click here for reservation information. The Visitor’s Center is also located here.


The 4th floor houses the chartered and registered organizations offices, Campus Organization and Student Activities staff (support for organizations), the Student Center Director’s office, a teaching theater, a study lounge and computer lab.


The 5th floor offers service for students in the following areas: Attorney for Students; Career Services; Dean of Student’s office; Disability Services; Multicultural Affairs, Student Support Services; Counseling / Alcohol & Drug Resource Center.


Parking Services: Find parking rates for the LBJ Garage, order parking permits, pay and / or appeal citations.

Athletics: A comprehensive schedule of all games for every sport that Texas State participates in.


Student Health Center: Feeling under the weather or need insurance? The Student Health Center provides primary, women’s, and psychiatric healthcare services for Texas State students. Pharmacy, digital radiography, and laboratory services are also available. All services are offered by appointment only.


Counseling Center: Need professional advice about personal, social or academic issues? The Counseling Center offers such support confidentially.  Various presentations are available on numerous topics. You are not alone nor should you feel that you are.


Mentoring: Interested in passing along what you have learned to an incoming freshman or other transfer students?  Are you in need of support yourself and want to get back in the swing of college life? Check out the mentoring program. Incoming students are paired with staff, faculty, and peer/student mentors to become acclimated to campus life.


Alcohol and Drug Resource Center: Offers compliance services for those needing to fulfill sanctions mandated through the judicial process, mainly the university's Student Justice or a municipal court. Awareness programs and support groups are also offered.


Attorney for Students: In need of legal services? Counseling is available on numerous issues. Referral is available for legal issues beyond the office’s assistance.


Campus Recreation: All study and no play makes for a boring college stay. The student recreation center offers numerous sports, leisure and recreational activities for students to be involved in. So get out of the desk chair and check it out!

Commuter Services:  This site caters to the student who does not live on campus. Find places to relax and lounge in between classes. Take advantage of programs catered specifically for those that commute.


Food Services: Any and everything about food. Find locations and dining hours. See what’s on the menu. Purchase meal plans. There are even recipes!


Off Campus Resources:  This site offers a new student off campus resource guide, property manager and landlord resources and an interactive apartment map.



University Police: Campus police offer trainings and other services to students. Check out the link to see the best ways to keep yourself and other students safe.


                                                Important numbers:

1.                   Crimes in Progress                                          911

2.                   Non-emergency                                          512-245-2890

3.                   Bobcat Bobbies escort service                 512-245-7233

4.                   Motorist assistance                                    512-245-2805

5.                   University Crime Stoppers                       512-245-STOP

6.                   Crisis Hotline                                             512-396-3939

7.                   Hays County Rape Crisis                          512-396-4357

8.                   National Help Line                                    800-262-2463

9.                   Texas State Counseling Center                512-245-2208